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A Girl Can Run Faster With Her Skirt Up, Then a Man Can With His Pants Down.
I'm 36 and a librarian. I love books, movies, and tv shows. My current tv obsessions are Arrow, Revolution, Supernatural (since the damn pilot), Castle, Hawaii Five 0, NCIS LA, Dexter, and Person of Interest.
My favorite authors include to many to mention.

I also love creating wallpapers of my favorite shows and movies in Adobe Photoshop.

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Supernatural Fandom

Guys we need your help, Kripke needs your help. I’ve watched Supernatural since the pilot and I know first hand how dedicated the fans are, well I need you guys to help make sure Revolution gets renewed for a third season. It’s such a great show please, please, please start watching Revolution. It returns April 30 which happens to be my birthday so it can be a present to me! 



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Who’s your favorite?

Favorite? I can’t play favorites

We […] like each other a stupid amount.

David Lyons, Wondercon 2013

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  • April 20th, 2014

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I just had to do this one again and make it easier to read. God I love this scene.

Whoo Hoo my first post to get over 1000 notes and likes. I’m so excited.

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Question: Any scoop for Revolution‘s Charloe fans? While Monroe has shown signs of jealousy of Charlie’s relationship with his son, all signs indicate the coffin on this relationship has been sealed shut. They seemingly hate each other. – Karen

Ausiello: “Never give up hope” continues to be…

  • Posted 5 days ago
  • April 18th, 2014

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